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Free Gifts !

Any customer who bought HKD 300 or more will receive products of Sandokkaebi for free! (+ free delivery for Hong Kong and Macau)

任何購買港幣300或以上的客戶將收到韓國知名品牌 Sandokkaebi 禮品一份,送完即止。

Products include: hand sanitizer, dish detergent, air freshener, closet deodorizer, shoe closet deodorizer, cleaning agent, glass cleaner, etc.

贈品類别包括:消毒酒類搓手液, 洗衣液、洗潔精、香薰、洗衣機清潔劑、玻璃水等等...... 

Gifts will be randomly chosen by seller and cannot be refunded or exchanged.
Hurry!! Before gifts are out of stock!!